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We are a civil law firm dedicated to helping those who’ve been harmed by the misconduct of others. By recovering damages for our clients, we change lives. By holding the wrongdoers accountable, we make Oregon safer for all of us. We are also a family law firm dedicated to helping our clients through family law issues with compassion and patience. We are strong advocates for our clients when needed most.

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Tech Forward
Helps us create a fast-paced, efficient approach to obtaining justice for you.

Constant Learning
We keep up on current law, we study every contract, and we negotiate with insurance adjusters and lawyers.

Our Team
We have a strong talented team that works together to make sure your case is handled and brought to a conclusion.

Personal Injury Service

Personal and compassionate representation of those who have been injured or killed by the negligence or misconduct of another person or a corporation.

Family Law Services

Family Law at Larwick specializes in all aspects of family law – regardless of family makeup, race, culture, or identity. Everyone deserves an advocate that clearly explains the law while remaining calm and compassionate.

Our Philosophy

Built on the simple idea that everyone deserves a zealous advocate, Derek Larwick founded Larwick Law Firm in 2016. Derek is committed to harnessing technology to create a fast-paced, efficient approach to obtaining justice for our clients.

Since that time, Larwick Law Firm has grown into a multi-attorney, multi-practice civil law firm that serves the needs of numerous clients.

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